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My name is Cüneyt Kaya. I am a WordPress developer. I have been creating websites and producing contents for social media for a couple of years. I help people;

  • who want to set up their business online,
  • who wish to reach more clients via a web application,
  • who do not have time to manage and maintain their WordPress website.

You only need one thing to manage your online assets: counting on me!

What I Do

WordPress is the most popular and powerful Content Management System (CMS) in the world. I build WordPress-based websites and web applications to provide your needs related to; 

  • management and maintenance of your website 
  • moving your website to another hosting provider 
  • bug fixing
  • creation of a website
  •  or management of your social media tools

If you don’t understand your needs or don’t have time to figure out, no worries. You’re at the right spot. Just fill in the form below and I’ll get in touch with you. That’s all! 

How it works

Just Simple!

#1 Explain your digital needs on the form below and submit it.

#2 If I accept the job, I’ll contact with you to get further information as soon and talk about next steps and payment issues. 

Need help in choosing the right services?

You can simple write an email or we can arrange a video conference to decide which offer best suits for you if you aren’t sure.

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